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Friday, June 24, 2005

Car shopping and other frustrations

Sorry for the light blogging this week.

One reason: car shopping.

We're looking seriously at the Volkswagen Passat Wagon, with a diesel engine (TDI). Anyone have thoughts about this car? In the GL, it's very difficult to find. If we upgrade to GLS, there are many more out there, but it costs at least $1800 more than the GL and we don't really want a sunroof.

If we stick with the GL TDI 5AT (5 speed automatic transmission)...we're going to end up with either a black car or black "leatherette" interior. Note: Louisville is in day #2 of a stretch of 8 predicted 90+ degree days. We had a similar stretch earlier this month. In short, it's hot and a black car cannot be good in the heat (even the government says so).

While I'm complaining, does anyone know why yesterday's post had the large blank space?

That's happened before when I used a large photo or graphic, but I didn't use one yesterday.

Updates: (1) We bought the Passat Wagon GLS, without the diesel engine. Dealers receive a $2000 manufacturer rebate on that car and we managed to obtain a lot of that in our price. I like buying under dealer invoice and we did; (2) I think the blank space might be linked to Blogger turning off the counter. There's some weird code in the template right now.

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