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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Last year, I received my copy of Baseball Prospectus on February 26. I know because I blogged about it!

This year, I ordered BP two weeks ago, but might not get my copy for 10 or more days. Since placing the order, my estimated delivery date has been March 11 to 13. Why?

I can't wait much longer and don't really want to read anything else right now. It's March 1. My god, exhibition games started today.

I'm not 100% certain how to explain the delay. According to BP's website, the book is now shipping. However, amazon still says the "item has not yet been released." Hmmm.

Previously, I'm pretty sure amazon said that the book would be available February 28.

Amazon, however, does tell me that my order is being prepared for shipment. I note hopefully that some other bloggers are already bragging about receipt of their copies today.

Despite questions over shipping dates, BP 2006 is currently #22 in books.

Note: I ordered from Amazon (rather than Powell's) because I had a Borders gift card from the holidays. Amazon handles Borders online sales.

3/3/06 Update: the book arrived today!

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