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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

US Geography 101

Maybe you've seen one of these maps on another blog. Visit the website and you can create a map of states you've visited.

The variation among bloggers is kind of interesting. Many bloggers, for example, refuse to count "the inside of airports or the corridors of an interstate."

OK then.

I previously didn't post a map because it would be kind of boring. I've been to every state except North Dakota, South Dakota and Alaska. And I'm not just counting airports or interstates.

Let's vary the criteria for selection and you'll see what I mean. I've attended at least one major college or professional sporting event in these 20 states:

The obvious oversight is Texas. I lived there for nearly a year, my sister lived there for several...and I never attended even one Rangers or Astros game.

Or here's another. I attended at least one high school or college debate tournament in these 24 states:

The combined map would have 30 states, and would certainly be enough to win the Electoral College vote (417 EC votes, by my count).

I've visited relatives in Oregon, Montana, Alabama, and Delaware, which would add four more. I've vacationed or attended conferences in Louisiana, Hawaii, and Nevada. I've seen the Grand Canyon, dined on lobster in Maine, picked some cotton in Mississippi, and slept in hotels in West Virginia and Connecticut. OK, I'm in the low fourties without trying too hard.

That's enough trivia for today.

Create your own map here.

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