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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nick's night job

Fairly frequently, the Louisville Courier Journal prints editorial cartoons by Nick Anderson, who worked for the paper from January 1991 to 2006.

I moved to Louisville in July 1991 and recognized him immediately as one of the city's great (and underappreciated) talents. His political cartoons provided some of the best content in the paper, even though he wasn't named the head cartoonist until the mid-1990s.

We met a few times over the years, but I didn't really know him. At a party, I recall once trying to convince him to run a cartoon about a local incinerator. He was polite, but I don't think he ever drew a cartoon about it. For a brief period about a decade ago, Anderson was even my neighbor -- he lived just a few houses down on my street.

These days, Anderson is on to bigger and better things. In 2005, he won a Pulitzer Prize for his cartooning. He left Louisville in 2006 and went to work for the Houston Chronicle.

I was a little surprised today to learn that he is sometimes working with multimedia. Check out this video on YouTube, which I found when I went looking for the more famous "1984" video of Hillary Clinton.

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