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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five year anniversary

I did not have a blog in March 2003, so I cannot readily link to anything I was writing five years ago when the war on Iraq began.

However, in late February 2003, I participated in an on-line project called "13 Myths on War in Iraq" (here's a link to a pdf version). It appeared on March 7, 2003, on ZNet, earlier on some other websites.

We did a pretty good job, I think:
Myth 1: Removing Saddam Will Punish 9/11 Perpetrators
Myth 2: Powell Presented Strong Evidence at UN
Myth 3: Saddam May Soon Threaten US
Myth 4: Experts 'Discover' Prohibited Missile
Myth 5: Bin Laden Tape Proves Iraq Connection
Myth 6: Iraq Still Has Large Nuclear Program
Myth 7: If US Pulls Out Now, It Looks Bad
Myth 8: A Cheap, Easy War
Myth 9: Wartime Press is Free and Unbiased
Myth 10: Goal is to Free Iraqis, Not to Grab Oil
Myth 11: War Solves the Energy Crisis
Myth 12: UN Commitments Don't Really Matter
Myth 13: Protesting a War is Unpatriotic
There is text accompanying each of those myth statements, along with citations. I recall working on the military points -- 1, 2, 3, 6 and perhaps 8 -- and 12 on the UN. This blog has continued to focus on these points throughout the years.

The 13 Myths project, incidentally, was led by Rich Cowan, who I met on the internet during the 2000 election fiasco. We both belonged to a Florida recount discussion group. Based partly on that group's input, Rich eventually published "13 Myths About The Results Of The 2000 Election" on November 13 that year.

If you have a few spare dollars, you might contribute to Rich's Organizers' Collaborative Database project. It is a 501(c)(3) organization and the money would support organizing software used by nonprofit organizations.

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