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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bad News Alert: Brazil's Amazon

Within Brazil, who will speak out to defend the Amazon? The leading voice for preservation has resigned. BBC, May 12:
Brazil's Environment Minister, Marina Silva, a staunch defender of the Amazon rainforest, has resigned from her post...

"Brazil is losing the only voice in the government that spoke out for the environment," said Sergio Leitao, director of public policy for Greenpeace in Brazil.

"The minister is leaving because the pressure on her for taking the measures she took against deforestation has become unbearable," he added...

"The environmental area was relegated to no priority," said Denise Hamu, secretary general of WWF in Brazil. "She got tired of the thankless struggle."
Silva had unsuccessfully tried to block some major development projects -- two hydroelectric projects and a major road.

Silva's replacement is Carlos Minc, former Rio de Janeiro Environment Secretary. He is ready to securitize the Amazon. The AP has this story today in the IHT:
Minc on Monday insisted that anti-logging measures "will be maintained and reinforced." He announced plans to use soldiers to protect the environment and vowed to implement a "zero deforestation" program. He gave no further details.
I'd like to hear those details.

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