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Friday, August 08, 2008

McCain's ad is "Painful"

John McCain released another new TV ad today: "Painful." The AP notes that it is airing in 11 key states targeted by the McCain campaign.

A female voiceover says, "Life in the spotlight must be grand, but for the rest of us times are tough. Obama voted to raise taxes on people making just $42,000."

It is interesting that Senator McCain says "times are tough" for "the rest of us."

Who is he trying to kid?

McCain is not really like the rest of us, thanks primarily to his affluent heiress spouse, Cindy McCain. She is worth at least $27 million -- and may be worth $100 million. From ABC blogger Jake Tapper:
CNN this week [reported that]... she "is not only a wife to Senator John McCain, she is also his meal ticket. Her reported 2006 income of more than $6 million exceeded her husband's earnings 16 times over. That money pays for a wealthy lifestyle of high end condos, an Arizona ranch, flying in a corporate jet, and more."
The McCains apparently have 8 or 9 houses and access to a corporate jet.

The Senator wears $520 loafers.

The AP story also reveals the truth about the ad's tax details. Obama didn't vote for a binding policy that would have increased taxes -- and if he had, John McCain would have agreed with him just a few years ago:
The ad's most specific assertion — Obama voted to raise taxes on people making $42,000 — is based on a nonbinding Senate budget resolution early this year that the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 be allowed to expire in 2011 as scheduled. Obama has criticized the Bush tax cuts and called for ending them for the wealthiest taxpayers.

McCain didn't support Bush's tax cuts when they were passed but has said he supports them now. He contends that to allow the cuts to expire would be tantamount to a tax increase.
Someone not altogether committed to "truthiness" might ask Senator McCain why he flip-flopped on Bush's tax cuts. The far right has been attacking McCain about this since 2000.

In the primary season, Mitt Romney said McCain failed "Reagan 101" because of his past tax arguments.

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