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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Commencement Winter 2010

University of Louisville celebrated its Winter 2010 commencement today. Some weeks ago, one of the top students in Political Science (and a participant in my senior "capstone" seminar) informed me that she was giving the commencement address. UofL Today has a nice interview with Ashley Harris about her time at the university and her interests and experiences.

I congratulate Ashley on her accomplishments to-date and sincerely wish her continued success in the future. Indeed, I extend the same sentiments to all the graduates -- particularly the six others that were classmates in my seminar.

Unfortunately, Louisville was hit by an ice storm that closed public schools and the university on Thursday. The administration decided to carry on with the ceremony downtown in any case, but I ultimately did not attend and am truly sorry for missing Ashley's speech -- and for being unable to congratulate all the students in person.

Three cheers for the graduates!

Update: video of the address:

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