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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

This is new

Hmmm. How do I begin something that no one is yet reading?

Perhaps I should begin with a confession.

I don't read blogs. Well, I've occasionally stumbled on to one -- and tonight I spent some time reading a few, mostly by scholars in my field or by people I know for some reason or another.

So why write one? I really don't have a fully developed reason...but I can say that much of my scholarly work focuses on public deliberation. I think political decision-making (even on the global level) should be more inclusive and transparent. Open discussion can promote informed and consensual outcomes, as well as public accountability. Those are all good things.

That implies, of course, that I think this forum can serve some useful purpose in the public sphere. We'll see, eh?

Anyway, Nayef Samhat and I have finished a book on much of this. Since that isn't due out until January, interested readers can find part of our argument in a July 2003 article .

OK, enough self promotion.

The Royals beat the Rangers today while the White Sox lost to the Red Sox. Great!

Does that tip you off that I'm a huge baseball fan -- and originally from Kansas?

In the coming days, perhaps I'll say a bit more about my current writing project, my recent journey to Philly for a Political Science conference, or whatever else comes to mind.

Hint: I spend a lot of time thinking about norms limiting the use of force in international politics, US foreign policy, and the so-called Bush Doctrine. I've also agreed to write a commissioned book chapter on US policy on global warming.

Homework: You might want to read this piece if you have on-line access.

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