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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Best Films of 2022

Below, I have posted the annual list produced by Metacritic that reflects an aggregation of about 300 "Top 10" film lists produced by critics this past year. Every year, I note this list to keep track of what I've seen and to provide my own tiered rankings of the films. I will ultimately add some comments especially if I've updated my rankings from my prior post on new films that I managed to see in 2021. 

Generally, I post this list in February (just to be sure the rankings are final) and I'll have typically seen about half of them -- thanks partly to a concerted effort in the new year to see them. I'm behind schedule this year, as discussed below. 
Movie and Metascore# 1st Place# 2nd Place# OtherPoints
181 Everything Everywhere All at Once441978248
287 The Banshees of Inisherin1827100.5208.5
392 Tar241790196
495 Aftersun211574.5167.5
577 Nope81286.5134.5
678 Top Gun: Maverick12973127
784 The Fabelmans13470117
884 Decision to Leave8468.5100.5
983 RRR8455.587.5
1085 EO4738.564.5
1190 All the Beauty and the Bloodshed2447.561.5
1281 Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery2443.557.5
1367 Crimes of the Future762457
1479 Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio314253
1579 Women Talking363152
1672 The Batman2237.547.5
1764 Elvis043947
1891 Saint Omer522746
1974 Bones and All4519.541.5
2091 No Bears332439
2180 Marcel the Shell With Shoes On2130.538.5
2286 Happening222636
2378 After Yang2224.534.5
2483 Turning Red013032
2580 The Eternal Daughter1224.531.5
81 Benediction1224.531.5
2790 Hit the Road3119.530.5
2863 Triangle of Sadness202430
2960 Babylon2218.528.5
3077 The Woman King122128

Because we include some foreign publications, it is possible for a few titles to repeat from last year's list due to differences in USA and overseas release dates.

I have seen a few of these films to-date, but have plenty to go (22 of 30 listed). As I watch them, I'll highlight changes

Tier 1 These are top-notch Oscar-worthy films.

The Banshees of Inishiren 
Triangle of Sadness
The Fabelmans
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
Hit the Road

The newcomer here is Spielberg's autobiographical film, The Fabelmans. It is excellent and I highly recommend it. The acting is first-rate. Cate Blanchett is fabulous in Tár and the film is worth your time. 

Tier 2 These are very good films, but with some flaws. Some of them likely will have received Oscar nominations. 

The Woman King
Marcel the Shell With Shoes On

This tier is surprisingly empty. I suspect that many of the remaining movies will fit in here, but I have no idea yet. 

Update: Babylon is an over-the-top, overlong, zany, surreal, and thoroughly watchable spectacle. Yet, I did not regret the 3 hour investment of time and mentally compared it to Pulp Fiction on several occasions. 

The Woman King is a very different kind film, obviously, but I liked it and would recommend it. 

Tier 3 These are good films, but with more flaws.

The Batman
Top Gun: Maverick
Everything Everywhere All at Once

I'm sticking to my opinion from December that none of these movies can be described as "very good," let alone great. I realize that there could be some Academy Award winners involved in the film-making, but that doesn't mean that I have to like the movies. They are well made and include some good performances.

I typically don't need lower tiers for this list because it is allegedly comprised of the very best movies of the year -- at least according to film critics. 

Here's the alphabetical list of the 22 films that I have not yet seen:

After Yang
All the Beauty and the Bloodshed
Bones and All
Crimes of the Future
Decision to Leave
The Eternal Daughter
Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio 
No Bears
Saint Omer
Turning Red
Women Talking

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