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Friday, October 03, 2003

Weekend blogging

1. I went to see "Lost in Translation" today and enjoyed it, though it is definitely a film that tries to make theaudience members feel uncomfortable. The story, as most readers may well know, is about a Hollywood star in mid-life crisis visiting Japan to film a liquor commercial for a couple of million bucks. While there, he meets a young, bright, attractive woman who has been abandoned for a few days by her husband of 2 years, who has a work assignment elsewhere in Japan.

The two experience globalization together: hanging out in Tokyo, eating Sushi, singing karaoke, watching translated and dubbed TV, etc. In a lot of ways, the film transposes the budding old/young relationship with the Japanese/American elements. Go see it for yourself. It definitely isn't conventional or predictable. Or at least I didn't think so.

2. How do my readers feel about this blog? It's hard to know, since few of you have clicked that email link in the right-hand column.

In any case, some of you might want to go to The Truth Laid Bear's New Webblog Showcase.

While there, you can vote for your favorites this week. My blog is up for consideration through the weekend. Currently, a blogger who boasts "A nice place to dream about no more liberals" is in first place. I'm 4th, but fairly far behind.

The week's winner gets a prominent placement on next week's Truth Laid Bear's website, which has got to be a good way to expand readership since he gets a lot of hits for his blog Traffic Ranking site.

I'm not sure if it is ethical to vote for one's own blog. By including my link, I guess I just did... Rodger A. Payne: More on Mylroie and Manufacturing Consent

These blogs look good too: Electoral Graphology

and The Fulcrum: Must Reads for Friday


To vote, you have to post your favorite links on your blog somewhere. Sorry reader without blogs, I don't think you can vote.

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