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Thursday, November 13, 2003

This is a filibuster?

OK, I don't have much of substance to contribute to the blogger thread about the Senate judicial filibuster. Larry Solum (who alerted me) has the complete run down.

However, I do think Jon Stewart on The Daily Show had the absolute funniest one-liner. Stewart played a tape from Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who apparently quoted Shakespeare's Hamlet during the filibuster: "Me thinks thou doth protest too much."

Stewart then faced the camera and said something like this, "For a guy who once equated homosexuality and beastiality, the Senator sure seems to know a lot about the theater." The end of that sentence featured a change in Stewart's vocal pitch and a great twirl of the finger.

Aside: I'm guessing Santorum doesn't want Pittsburgh to pursue the "creative class."

While I'm on the subject, The Daily Show is genuine "must see" TV in my book. It can be difficult to watch when he has celebrity guests, rather than political ones, but I'm really looking forward to the 2004 election year coverage.

Tonight's bit about the US accidentally bombing the dye factory was also very funny.
For the first time in six months, the U.S. resumed air attacks in Baghdad Wednesday. In the first of two bombings, a U.S. gunship destroyed an Iraqi dye factory that the U.S. claimed was a base for militants opposed to the U.S. occupation.
Stewart turned to the camera, noted the bombing was partly in response to recent attacks against US Apache helicopters, and said, "take that Iraqi tie-dye" artisans.

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