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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Montreal: Snow, not spring is in the air

Montreal, day 2: I firmly wish that I had remembered Chapstick and a hat. It has been cold, with an icy wind, and this morning it was snowing. Great. It's really hard to plan an on-line fantasy baseball draft under these conditions.

The NCAA tournament has started and I'm glad Maryland (PhD '89) has a win already. Kansas, my undergrad school ('83), plays Friday against University of Illinois, Chicago. Louisville plays Xavier at just about the same time and I don't yet know if either game is going to be televised in upstate NY (Montreal cable systems receive those broadcasts).

I reluctantly went with Duke in my pool. After I decided Kansas could beat Kentucky, it was easy to put them in the Final Four -- but I have them losing to Oklahoma State. I have Stanford (CISAC Fellow 1987-88) losing to Duke in the other bracket. Most of the people in my "office" pool picked Kentucky to win it all.

Ha! They'll all look bad once the Jayhawks prevail in that game!

Most unusual pick: one guy in my pool named Wisconsin the eventual national champion!

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