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Monday, April 04, 2005

Opening Day

To my mind, opening day of the baseball season ought to be a holiday.

As I've noted before, Americans work too much. We don't take and/or receive enough days off. Compared to Germans, for example, people in the US work 7 additional hours per week, every week.

Federal workers will celebrate only 10 public holidays this year, but many of them are not universal.

Who gets off for President's Birthday? Columbus Day? Veteran's Day?

Despite last night's aberration, Opening Day of the baseball season is a Monday. Federal holidays are generally granted on Monday so that workers can enjoy long weekends.


Notice that the Super Bowl is always on a Sunday, so there's no need to create a holiday for that boring event. Do I need to offer 99 reasons why baseball is so much better than football?

I hope everyone can catch a game today.

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