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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Best films of 2017 (yes, 2017)

After more than a month of working from home and practicing social distancing, my semester is nearly over. By the end of this week, all my grades will be recorded. I have a bit of service to do over that following week, but then my 2019-2020 academic obligations will be met.

The University also announced this past week that May will be another month of working from home. Because I won't have to think about classes on nights or weekends (no reading, producing PowerPoints, grading, or watching assigned films), I'm planning my own May film festival. One place to start is highly-rated movies from recent years that I never had a chance to see. I've already blogged about 2018 and 2019 end-of-year Metacritic rankings compiled from film critic lists.

Below I've produced the list for 2017 and attempted my own rankings -- and most importantly for my purposes, identified the films I never saw. I may also eventually revisit 2016, 2015, etc.
Movie and Metascore# 1st Place# 2nd Place# OtherPoints
185 Get Out3618160.5309.5
294 Lady Bird1831134.5255
393 Call Me by Your Name312487231
492 The Florida Project2414115218
594 Dunkirk1216115186
687 The Shape of Water251271171.5
790 Phantom Thread141475.5147
888 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri131656.5130
981 Blade Runner 2049686096.5
1084 A Ghost Story3106090
1180 Good Time585587
1283 The Post7145.571
1377 A Quiet Passion693269
1486 The Big Sick0359.567.5
1577 Personal Shopper563664
1685 Mudbound6533.562
1786 Baby Driver144860.5
1875 mother!7231.557
94 Faces Places214857
2077 Logan0540.552.5
2177 I, Tonya1536.550
71 Nocturama5426.550
2376 Wonder Woman313346.5
2478 The Lost City of Z4130.545
2585 Star Wars: The Last Jedi0333.541.5

Best Films of 2017

Lady Bird
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
I, Tanya
Shape of Water


Get Out
The Big Sick
The Post
Florida Project

Very Good, but flawed

Good Time
Baby Driver
Lost City of Z
A Ghost Story
Wonder Woman
Star Wars Last Jedi
Blade Runner 2049

Didn't  yet see these films (will add later and mark with yellow)

Call Me By Your Name
Faces Places
Personal Shopper
Phantom Thread
A Quiet Passion

This last list is the main point of the exercise as I'm going to fill in some gaps in my recent movie viewing.

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