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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Blog anniversary

Friday was the first anniversary of this blog.

About 25,800 visitors have checked in since September 3, 2003.


Do the math and that works out to about 70 readers per day.

However, a substantial number of the total visits came when a few high profile bloggers linked to one of my posts (especially the one on the forged Niger documents).

Moreover, for the first few months, I rarely had more than 30 readers per day.

These days, I am genuinely averaging close to 70 readers/day, Monday through Friday. Weekends, about 40 of you check in daily.

Thanks again, loyal readers (and random visitors). It has been a good year and I intend to keep doing this for the foreseeable future.

With the home stretch of the presidential election coming up, to be followed by Iraqi elections, an official "independent" report about whether the WMD intelligence was inflated by the administration...and my own sabbatical, it should be an exciting next few months.

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