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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Blog notes

I don't have much to say today. After receiving an email this morning from the President of the International Studies Association, I booked my plane tickets and room for the conference next month (in Hawaii). That took longer than it should, which meant the rest of the day was kind of tight.

Tomorrow promises to be a very busy news day (SOTU, for example), so be ready for new posts.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of blogs I've newly discovered that you might want to see:

An Analysis of US Foreign Policy, which is authored by "Peter" as a class-related blog in world politics.

Also, see Arms Control Wonk, co-authored by a scholar at the University of Maryland (my PhD institution too) and a research analyst at the Arms Control Association.

Since the election, I've spent less time reading blogs focusing on American politics (I care about Social Security; I just don't intend to spend much time thinking about it), so it's nice to read some interesting blogs in my field.

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