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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

New Orbis

Readers: stop by your local news stands for a copy of the current issue of Orbis, A Journal of World Affairs, dated spring 2005. You might find the lead article interesting: "The Bush Doctrine is Dead; Long Live the Bush Doctrine." The authors are Donald C.F. Daniel, Peter Dombrowski, and me.

Daniel teaches at Georgetown and Dombrowski is at the Naval War College.

Don't get too excited about the title. We're not enthusiastic supporters of preventive war. Rather, we argue that the US and other states should be discussing the appropriate circumstances that might justify (likely multilaterally approved) preventive measures against certain kinds of threats.

Absent significant change to the Bush Doctrine, it is a dead letter.

I'm going to look in Harvard Square to see if it is on the racks.

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