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Friday, July 01, 2005

Justice Coulter?

No, I don't really think George W. Bush will attempt to appoint talking head Ann Coulter to the Supreme Court, even though she has about as much legal experience as Clarence Thomas did when Bush's father nominated him, but I do think the President will try to find a woman to replace Sandra Day O'Conner.

And Bush will probably try to find a woman nearly as conservative as Coulter.

O'Conner was the first woman ever appointed to the court and if she is replaced by a man, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg will be outnumbered by men, 8-1. It would also mean that the only woman on the court was tapped by a Democrat.

For a President that has had two African American Secretaries of State, one a woman, this will not stand.

One name already circulating: 56 year old Edith Hollan Jones, of the 5th circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. From the Chicago Sun-Times story:
"The federal judiciary has an important but ultimately limited role in society," she said in an interview with Douglas K. Moll in the November/December 2001 issue of the Houston Lawyer. "I favor legislative authority over judicial authority. We have an obligation to make law as clear as possible. It is law to guide all of the people."

...In a speech sponsored by the Federalist Society in January 2003, Jones said the Supreme Court's decisions since the 1960s have been at odds with American values...The Warren Court "extravagantly assumed the power to dictate new 'rights' not expressly stated in the Constitution and in so doing foisted its philosophical vision on the United States with consequences far beyond the Court's imagining," Jones said.
I'll pick her in the pool. On the bright side, she was a former debater.

Will Democratic Senators move to filibuster? Stay tuned.

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