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Monday, July 04, 2005

Poll: War Popular

I'm blogging from a secure location, though you wouldn't know it from my surroundings today. First, it is July 4th, after dark, and it sounds a bit like a war zone outside. Second, I saw "War of the Worlds" a few hours ago. In the excellent first 75 minutes or so of the film, the viewer feels more than a little insecure.

Oklahoma, where my parents have lived since 1977, is a bright red state. The Sunday Tulsa World (I'd link to it, but their material is behind a subscriber wall) ran a poll from the state finding that 57% of residents do not think that "in view of recent developments...the US made a mistake in sending troops to Iraq." Only 38% said that it was a mistake.

According to a CNN/Gallup poll from last week, 53% of the country thinks the war was a mistake, so Oklahoma is fairly different from the rest of the nation. The Oklahoma poll was taken June 23-27 of 750 registered voters statewide, which means that the sample wasn't influenced by the Commander in Chief's June 28 speech.

Speaking of the President, Bush's approval rating in Oklahoma is 60% (versus 35% disapproval). Nationwide, the same CNN/Gallup poll found only 45% approval, versus 53% disapproval.

In some ways, I feel like I'm traveling in a foreign land, though I too live in a red state.

Gotta run, the explosions outside are tapering off...the kids can finally get some sleep.

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