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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Culture watch

I haven't blogged much this week. Classes began and I've used the evenings to watch some films and attend a concert.

"Super Size Me," which is on Showtime this month, is a very good, if disturbing, documentary. I recommend it highly, and you really need to watch it if you drink a lot of soda or eat a great deal of fast food. Film maker Morgan Spurlock is definitely a name to remember.

I also watched a DVD of "Sin City." While a lot of critics loved it, as did the voters on IMDB, I wasn't that taken with it. This was the first film I've seen starring Mickey Rourke in many, many years. At about 40 minutes into the film, and again at about 1:20, the DVD locked up on me. I took it out, rubbed it with a cloth, reinserted it, and then it worked OK. Ideas? DVDs seem to get really hot in our player.

Finally, tonight, I attended a George Jones concert at the Kentucky State Fair. Now that's a unique cultural experience. Jones, known as "The Possum," is 74 years old, but still has a fine voice. Unfortunately, it isn't always there when he reaches for it.

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