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Monday, September 12, 2005

Happy Anniversary to this blog

This blog is two years old -- plus almost 10 days. Memory is fallable and until I just checked, the date September 13, 2003, stuck in my mind. However, it was actually September 3.

Regular readers know that I am periodically interested in these questions I mentioned together on January 2, 2004:
1. Where is Osama?

2. Who sent the anthrax?

3. Who leaked Valerie Plame's CIA identity to Robert Novak?

4. What is the White House hiding about Saudi Arabia and 9/11?
If you go to the January 2004 post, I've included some links that help make sense of those questions.

Some interesting material about question number 3 came out this summer...but now we wait to see if anything comes of it. It seems safe to say, however, that Karl Rove and Lewis Libby talked to reporters about Valerie Plame.

Hardly anyone talks about Osama bin Laden or the anthrax anymore.

And I haven't heard a really good Saudi Arabia rumor since "Fahrenheit 9/11" came out during the summer of '04.

Thank you, readers, for stopping by -- though I wish there were more of you. These days, I get about 50 visits per day (more during the weekdays). I don't know how many people might read at least portions of the blog on their RSS readers. This July, I had almost as many readers as I did last October (my pre-election peak of almost 90 visits per day).

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