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Monday, September 05, 2005

More Greg Henderson

The Wilmington Star continues to provide updates from Dr. Greg Henderson, New Orleans pathologist. The webpage date of the third (and latest) is Sunday, September 4, but the message was sent on Saturday.
1. Thanks for all your letters of support and prayers and offers to help.

2. I am safe, and now based at the Sheraton hotel, where we have a new makeshift clinic established.

3. The situation at the convention center is urgent and disastrous – 10-20 thousand people in dire need of health care from minor to severe. A small MASH unit was established there last night. I will be joining them today. I desperately need the help of as many medically trained individuals as possible to triage these patients, treat if necessary, and evacuate – only the most serious will be seen at the MASH.

4. I need to figure out how to set up a morgue. There are several dead at the convention center.

5. Some supplies are arriving today courtesy of Fred Eschelman and PPD Inc .of North Carolina . I will get these supplies to the convention center as soon as they arrive.

6. I need mobile dialysis units – thousands haven’t been dialysed in over a week.

7. Now is the is the time to act. I need help. I haven’t found any other physicians in the field yet and I can only do so much.

8. Ochsner Hospital is the only fully functional facility in the city. They are effectively taking care of all of their patients and offering extrordinary help, and lots of supplies – I am proud to be part of this organization.
Business Week has been on this story, as has the BBC and MSNBC. So has Counterpunch and Time.

Find Dispatch #1 here.
And #2 is here.

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