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Monday, October 24, 2005


Yesterday, Matthew Bowles, a reporter for The Daily Tarheel student newspaper at the University of North Carolina, interviewed me about the meaning of 2000 dead Americans in Iraq.

The October 24 edition has the story. This is what I told him:
Rodger Payne, a political science professor at the University of Louisville, said the casualty report probably will serve to reinforce some opinions that already have been shifting, rather than sparking a dramatic change.

Other events, such as the reinvigorated peace movement with Cindy Sheehan and critical comments from Republican senators, also are impacting public opinion, Payne said.
Bowles then references some polling data that back up my claim. I thought he might quote something from Senator Hagel, but the piece is short.

The story concludes with these paragraphs:
Still, Payne said policy changes might occur during the next year, given the continued decline in public support for the war and analysis of its expended and future costs.

"Between now and next November, the Bush administration will probably try to find some way to pull out tens of thousands of troops before the midterm election."
These quotes accurately reflected the substance of the interview, which doesn't always happen.

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