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Saturday, October 01, 2005


My favorite team has been horrible all season. Indeed, yesterday, the KC Royals lost for the 105th time this year, which is a new team record. And they still have two more chances to break the record!

On the bright side, they just signed their top draft pick from this summer and will have the #1 pick in the entire draft next year. This year's pick was #2.

In any case, I'm a baseball fan, and I was living in Boston for the first two months of the season. Thus, I'm trying to watch a great deal of the Red Sox series with the Yankees. I'd like to watch Cleveland as well, but their games do not seem to be available.

As I type in the second inning of game #161 of the season, the Yankees have already scored 5 runs behind Randy Johnson, so the Sox could be in trouble. Johnson, however, seems to be having some control problems and he's clearly not the dominating Cy Young winner of the past. At least not today.

Have I mentioned recently that the Yankees are evil?

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