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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Watch their language

Listen carefully and you will frequently hear Bush administration officials and TV talking heads (who are parroting what they've heard) segue from US accusations or concerns about Iran's alleged atomic bomb program to Iranian insistence that they will not give up their "nuclear program," without noting that the Iranians are talking about energy, not bombs.

As I've noted before, the illegal component of Iran's nuclear program is the failure to disclose some perfectly legal nuclear energy progress. The research itself does not violate the Nonproliferation Treaty.

This may well be a reason to strengthen the NPT, but the US has some way to go on that front.

In any event, the slippery talk reminds me of the way Bush used to talk about 9/11 and then Iraq links to terrorism and WMD in consecutive sentences.

Critics have to complain about this now, not when it is too late.

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