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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Missing students

Have you seen the story about the missing international students? From CNN:
Immigration agents and the FBI are looking for 11 Egyptian students who entered the United States on valid student visas, then failed to show up at a university in Montana, authorities said.
17 exchange students arrived a JFK on July 29, but only 6 of them ended up at Montana State. The names of the other 11 are publicly listed by the FBI and CNN.

This could be nothing -- and it probably is.

But fears of 9/11 remain. Everyone knows that some hijackers posed as "students" -- a couple even received approved visas months after the attacks.

International visitors arrive with great frequency in the US and many decide to visit relatives or friends. Others seek jobs as undocumented workers.

Colleges have been burdened by new security-related federal regulations in the post-9/11 world and this most recent case may provide lawmakers with all the excuse they need to crack down further.

Foreign student enrollments have declined significantly and this has aleady adversely effected the science and engineering fields.

Given the great anti-immigrant sentiment that exists in the US, let's hope that these Egyptian students turn up soon...perhaps recovering from a bender.

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