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Monday, May 07, 2007

Blog news

OK, from Monday, April 30, to Saturday, May 5, I graded 43 essay exams, 12 graduate student final papers and a 35+ page independent study manuscript.

It was a week mostly lost to grading, but I'm finished now until fall.

That should mean more regular blogging, though everyone should be warned that I'm supposed to do a guest blogging gig at Lawyers, Gun$ and Money from May 14 to 24. I'll be filling in for my friend Rob "Guns" Farley.

Other notes: my Derby horses lost and my fantasy baseball team fell to last place (12th in a 12 team American League). Kudos to Rich Harden, B.J. Ryan and the entire Toronto Blue Jay front office for helping to make the latter possible.

On the bright side, the Billy Butler era has started in Kansas City.

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