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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Football? Football!

I am not a football fan. It has been at least 20 years since I followed any team very closely or with much enthusiasm.

That said, the current Kansas squad is starting to attract my attention. I've actually watched significant parts of several of their games this season. Today, at the office, I kept checking the score of their game against Nebraska, even though the result seemed to be determined by halftime.

From the 1969 season until 2005, Kansas lost 26 straight games against Nebraska. For the four years I was on campus, KU lost four games by a combined score of 179-15. They scored all 15 points in one game, so that includes three lopsided shutouts.

Today, Kansas beat Nebraska 76-39. In fact, the AP reports that the Jayhawks "scored touchdowns on 10 straight possessions and rolled up the most points ever scored against Nebraska in its 117-year football history."

I guess the team let out a lot of pent up frustration today.

Entering today's game, Kansas was 8-0 and ranked #8 in the country in most polls -- and even in the Bowl Championship Series standings.

Their remaining games: at Oklahoma State, at home versus Iowa State, and versus 9th ranked Missouri in Kansas City. Dare I even think about the Big 12 championship game -- a place no Kansas team has been before? So far as I can tell, no KU football team has ever exceeded 10 victories. Most recently, the 1995 team was 10-2, 1905 was 10-1, and 1899 was 10-0.

Only two other KU squads reached 9 victories: the famed 1968 team (featuring John Riggins and Bobby Douglass) was 9-2 and 1908 was 9-0.

Hmmm. Maybe the hoops season will start later this year...

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