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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday: new southern strategy?

Should he win the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama might put southern red states -- or at least pockets of them -- in play in November. Obama attracts lots of votes among African-Americans, young voters and independents. Based on primary turnout, he seems to be energizing new voters -- or otherwise apathetic voters.

MSNBC is reporting that 84% of the votes are counted in Georgia and Obama has 63% of them -- nearly half a million so far. Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards have attracted 756,000 voters.

On the Red side, the top 5 candidates have attracted 825,000 voters.

MSNBC is reporting 89% of votes counted in Alabama. The Dems have attracted 478,000 voters, with Obama getting a solid majority (56%) of them.

The top 5 Republicans have attracted 475,000 votes.

Are these results close enough to put Georgia and/or Alabama in play in November?

Those Alabama numbers are very interesting, eh?

Keep in mind that Mike Huckabee is winning Georgia, Alabama and other southern states on the Republican side, but John McCain looks like the candidate in November. Some evangelical leaders have vowed not to vote McCain. Rush Limbaugh doesn't like McCain and Ann Coulter says she'd vote for Clinton over McCain.

If Obama can beat Clinton, perhaps he can radically revise the electoral map in a contest versus McCain?

Perhaps Obama could attract enough new African-American, young and
independent voters to help down ballot Dems?

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