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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Veep update: Dems

Columnist Ruth Marcus provides the best line I've read yet explaining why Barack Obama cannot pick Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential candidate:
the White House is not big enough to accommodate three people who believe they should be president.
A lot of names have been floated, but none of them seem like an obvious choice.

Bill Richardson
would be a good choice so far as I'm concerned. The Latino voice is going to be important in this election and Richardson has foreign policy and much executive experience to bring to the ticket.

His presidential campaign didn't go far, but Richardson had one of the most aggressive plans to exit Iraq and he's already negotiated with rogue state leaders in North Korea, Sudan, and Cuba. Under his tenure, New Mexico has taken a lead role in addressing climate change via cooperation with other states. Plus, Richardson was Secretary of Energy and can speak credibly against the Republican oil agenda.

That's a lot of positives to bring to the ticket.

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