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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Roots music in Brighton

I listened to some quality roots music while attending my sister-in-law's wedding on August 23-24 in Brighton. Sunday's band was a local string-heavy group with a classic sound. The original email I received in advance of the wedding said the band would be The Magic Number, which self identifies as playing "Gipsy Jazz Swing based songs." Their myspace page includes a number of music tracks.

However, some of the equipment at the wedding was for The Mountain Firework Company. At least two people are members of both bands so there's a lot of room for confusion. The band's website has this CD review:
In the tradition of the sort of Folk music that tends to come out of the UK, the men of The Mountain Firework Company have their share of fun, whimsical songs, that could inspire the waving of beer before running down the street naked starts to sound like a good idea. Overall, this is a really great record, and The Mountain Firework Company is a really fantastic band. Their melodies are catchy, their lyrics are well-put, and their instrumentation is intuitive and tight.
I liked the band's sound, whether it was The Magic Number or The Mountain Firework Company.

Saturday night the 23rd featured London's Hula Groove, which The Independent on Sunday apparently called a "hugely entertaining and professional soul, funk & disco function band." They had the crowd dancing as they played a great deal of old Motown as well as soul, funk and disco. This video gives you an idea of their look and sound.

Alas, Hula Groove wouldn't let former Beatmaster Richard Walmsley play along.

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