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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Entertainment void

The baseball season ended a couple of weeks ago.

The election concluded (for the most part) on November 4.

To fill my leisure hours this weekend, I tuned to my favorite Americana/alt-country radio station (X-Country on XM) and discovered...that it's gone. The merger with Sirius radio has meant that "X-Country" has been replaced with "Outlaw Country." The former station played a wide variety of great music. So far, just about every song on Outlaw Country sounds like it belongs in a '70s Burt Reynolds movie. The DJs are driving me crazy too.

Actually, I like much of the Outlaw country music, but the playlist is simply not as wide-ranging or interesting. Most of what they're playing seems to duplicate other existing channels -- "The Roadhouse" and "Willie's Place."

Perhaps I'll have to migrate to internet radio. This station sounds promising so far.

Luckily, Kansas basketball begins tonight.

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