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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Honest Abe

If you live in or near Louisville, you might want to attend Bunbury Theatre's "Honest Abe 23 Minute Play Festival" tonight at 8 pm or Sunday afternoon at 2 pm. My family saw it last weekend and was quite entertained. As one critic wrote (in the form of a letter to the company):
I'm glad you chose to celebrate the bicentennial of Kentucky's favorite son by producing four short plays about him, rather than premiering one original full-length biodrama. Abe Lincoln truly was a larger-than-life character; too large, certainly, for only one play. So instead, you gave us four, each one enjoyable for a different reason, and each one celebrating a distinct aspect or theme of Lincoln's life, legacy, character or lore.
The Theatre's website notes that my youngest daughter is again on a Louisville stage:
The casts feature Matt Orme as Lincoln and the other players are: Dale Strange, Katherine Mapother, Cathleen Payne, Meghan Winrich, Tara Tyler, Ted Lesley, Paul Reynolds, Mike Burmester, Pat Whetherton.
Additionally, I'm celebrating the month of Lincoln's birth by reading Gore Vidal's Lincoln, which I'm not enjoying as much as his Burr.

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