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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Though his website has been on my blogroll for years, I don't think I've ever mentioned Ken Pomeroy in a post. The silence reflects a selfish interest in winning NCAA tournament pools against people not as well-informed. I've admired Pomeroy's website since learning some years ago that the author had touted George Mason in its 2006 run to the Final Four. The local newspaper has also long promoted Pomeroy as the main college hoops statistical guru.

According to Pomeroy's system for evaluating college basketball, Kansas should be favored to win every game this season -- save for their road game against Texas in Austin. Given other probabilities, Pomeroy expects the Jayhawks to finish their schedule with a 28-3 record. According to his system, the team currently has the second best offense in the country, coupled with a top-10 defense. The 2008 national championship team from Lawrence had an equally good offense, but also had the nation's best defense. The 2009 team, which lost to UCLA in a regional final, had the sport's best defense, but only a top 20 offense.

In fact, great defense has been a hallmark of Bill Self's teams at KU. The 2007 team was tops in that category and the 2006 squad finished 2nd. His 2005 team was 18th, but had a great offense (11th) left over from Roy Williams.

The matchup against his system's #10 team Cal next Tuesday should be exciting and I'm also looking forward to the road date with #9 Tennessee on January 10.

Right now, Pomeroy has Kansas #2 behind #1 Texas.

Rock chalk!

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