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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Duck droppings

Today, at Duck of Minerva, I posted "Academic Rigor in the Classroom: Time to Get Serious?" The post discusses both the tendency at the Duck for our bloggers to focus on pop culture (movies, film, novels) in both scholarship and teaching and the recent call for greater rigor in academia. Are Duck choices part of the problem -- or part of the solution?

Earlier this week, on April 23, I posted "Can game participants change the payoff structure?" The post examines an interesting communication choice used by a participant prior to playing a televised single-shot game, arguably altering the payoffs and thereby converting the structure of the game from something like prisoner's dilemma to chicken.

April 10, I blogged "Castro is Our Hitler" about the reaction to controversial comments about Fidel Castro uttered by Miami Marlins baseball manager Ozzie Guillen. 

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