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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Human rights of bloggers

I'm looking into international responses to the Kofi Annan's High Level Panel Report and found this interesting section in a recent (March 22) speech by German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer
In Iran we have still been unable to detect any improvement in the human rights situation. Whippings, torture and the death penalty continue to cause concern. In particular the human rights of journalists, webloggers and human rights activists continue to be violated. We will only be able to speak of real progress in democratization when civil and political rights – in particular freedom of opinion – are fully respected. I very much hope that at the next rounds of the EU-Iran human rights dialogue we will discuss ways of bringing about genuine improvements to the human rights situation. (emphasis added)
Human rights of bloggers!

I'm for that.

Human Rights First is on this issue as well.

The blogosphere (er, blogtopia), of course, has been buzzing about the issue.

I searched and for the US government's position.


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