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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Prison deaths

The Army isn't going to prosecute 17 soldiers "involved" in the deaths of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As has been widely reported, at least 27 prisoners have been killed in those prisons. Some sources use the word "murder."

This is not good news:
In one case, commanders decided not to file recommended criminal charges against 11 soldiers involved in the death of a former Iraqi Army lieutenant colonel in January 2004. An autopsy indicated the man died from blunt force injuries and asphyxia.
This is from a NY Times op-ed by Bob Herbert:
People have been rounded up, stripped, shackled, beaten, incarcerated and in some cases killed, without being offered even the semblance of due process. No charges. No lawyers. No appeals.
Herbert notes a military intelligence estimate that 70 to 90% "of the people detained in Iraq had been seized by mistake."

This is bad. Very bad.

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