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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Busy week

This is the last week of school and I have a couple of stacks of papers to grade. Yesterday, I received the page proofs for a forthcoming article. My coauthor and I have 48 hours to turn that around.

It is also Grawemeyer week at the University of Louisville. Fiona Terry is a great guest and her public address was terrific, but job demands are currently fairly high.

Light blogging, right?

So, this seems like a good opportunity to point to some of my recent Duck of Minerva posts that you might enjoy:

"The foreign policy establishment" April 18, 2006, which is about the lack of dissent among mainstream foreign policymakers.

"Nowhere roads" April 12, 2006, concerning socialization and America's "car culture."

"Igor and Vlad: The Horror" March 27, 2006 about Vlad Putin's plagiarism.

"Sopranos" March 13, 2006 is about my read of this season's first episode of the popular TV show.

"What VP Cheney did not say about Iran" March 8, 2006 is about the Vice President's recent rhetoric on the Iranian threat.

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