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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Do you have lots of CDs that you never play anymore?

Me too.

My wife and I got rid of a few some years ago when we hosted a "CD swap party" for some friends. It worked OK, but we needed a greater selection.

Last week, the New York Times had an article about Zunafish, a website for people wanting to trade their CDs (and DVDs, paperback books, etc.). I know this isn't a new idea, and competitors are a bit jealous of the latest coverage...but I decided to give it a try today.

I've already had some responses and at least one looks promising. You have to register to list the CDs you want to trade.

If anyone gave me a CD that I've listed...sorry. No offense intended. I'm listing virtually everything as "good" because the plastic cases have some minor scratches and I've actually played the disks over the years.

But I might play something else more now.

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