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Monday, July 10, 2006

Catching up on the news

Well, I'm back from a long vacation. It was hotter than expected out west, but we found ways to cool off. The only rain of any significance came on the day we tried to take in a baseball game. Oh, it also rained a little while we waited for Old Faithful to erupt.

I want to thank Avery for filling in here.

Who knew I'd miss so much?

North Korea fired 6 (or 7?) missiles on the 4th of July. Thankfully, the long-range missile failed about 40 seconds into its flight. Others have made fun of the right for using this test to scare Americans; I was reminded of the failed US Vanguard test on December 6, 1957, which was launched in response to the Soviet Sputnik. A dud is a dud, regardless of how "evil" the state launching it.

Mexico had an election that very nearly ended in a tie. The apparent president-elect may be a conservative...but his stance on immigration isn't going to endear him to Republicans.

The "war on terror" took some prisoners -- and casualties. Once again, thankfully, the US arrested suspects who had no weapons or concrete plans -- reflecting solid police and intelligence work, not post-9/11 thinking.

In sports, the World Cup ended and Italy won -- though not without some controversy, of course. Hey, the US tied the Italians 1-1 a couple of weeks ago and therefore must be as good, eh?

The All Star game rosters were announced and KC's representative is Mark Redman, a 32-year old journeyman pitcher who will hopefully be traded before season's end. This was an odd selection, especially since KC actually has a deserving player -- a centerfielder with an OPS of .881. Well, he was a centerfielder until KC traded for Otix Nixon reincarnate.

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