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Friday, July 14, 2006

Iraq: ethnic partition?

I've not been posting much here, nor at my other home, the Duck of Minerva group international relations blog. Never fear, however, as my colleagues at the Duck have been quite busy following world affairs.

Dan Nexon has been particularly innovative. He's video-blogging! Check out his latest discussion about the possible ethnic partitioning of Iraq.

Dan is against it, pointing out that most victims of civil war die as a result of displacement from their homes. They lose their jobs, property, and social networks and make themselves vulnerable to famine and disease. Most victims of civil conflict, in other words, are not directly killed by violence.

His 6 plus minutes are well worth your viewing.

Having just watched "Hotel Rwanda" in preparation for my fall film class, however, I wonder if his advice has universal applicability. In that case, it does seem as if nearly a million corpses were created from brutal violence at the hands of machete-wielding thugs.

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