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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"I'm in to win"

This gem from the Sunday Frank Rich column highlights why I'm not enthusiastic about HRC:
last weekend's "Saturday Night Live" gave us a "Hillary" who said, "Knowing what we know now, that you could vote against the war and still be elected president, I would never have pretended to support it."
As I've been writing in a long comment thread at the Duck of Minerva, I think the Bush administration and Republicans in Congress are overwhelmingly responsible for the Iraq disaster (at least 75-25).

However, I can still be disappointed in Democrats for their enabling behavior -- from their October 2002 vote to authorize Bush's discretion to use force to their continued votes to fund US participation in Iraq's civil war.

Maybe they need a candidate who didn't vote for the war against Saddam Hussein and does not support the ongoing mission, whatever that is this month.

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