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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Misery and pain

Singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams was in Louisville tonight and her show was terrific. She's a great lyricist, she sings with excellent conversational phrasing and her backing band is first-rate.

She opened solo with "Passionate Kisses" and closed with backing from warmup performer Carrie Rodriguez on "Real Live Bleeding Fingers and Broken Guitar Strings" (inspired, she says, by Paul Westerberg). Williams played lots of great tunes in between, though I kind of thought the extended version of "Joy" sounded eerily familiar.

I guess my only complaint is that the show included too much material from "World Without Tears," which I like least of the five Lucinda Williams CDs in our house. The title of this blog post comes from her cut on that CD: "People Talkin'." Williams is known for her depressing lyrics, so she joked about that a few times and pointed out that she is currently engaged and happy. She even played a new "up" song.

Don't fear fans, "there's plenty of misery," she says, "in the well."

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