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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Arts and leisure

Sunday, I saw Sicko, which is both entertaining and eye-opening. If you haven't been paying attention, or know the film only by the associated activism, then you might not realize that this latest Michael Moore movie is NOT about the 45 to 50 million Americans who lack health insurance.

Rather, it is about the quarter billion Americans who have health care -- and pay too much, receive too little, and are incredibly vulnerable to the whims of the marketplace.

Much of the film, in fact, is about the comparatively superior health insurance systems offered in Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Cuba (!).

I also watched the Venus DVD this week (thumbs up) and parts of the major league and AAA All-Star baseball games. I'm not a big fan of the All-star break, but the Ichiro inside-the-park homer was exciting and the 9th inning held my interest (despite all the walks).

Unfortunately, I missed the Futures game this occurred while I was in the theater for Sicko.

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