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Monday, October 22, 2007

Constructive engagement

One highlight of my weekend trip to Kansas was watching the current KU students debate the 2007-2008 college topic:
Resolved: that the United States Federal Government should increase its constructive engagement with the government of one or more of: Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, and Syria, and it should include offering them a security guarantee(s) and/or a substantial increase in foreign assistance.
I got to talk at length with members of the top two teams and told them that I often blogged about U.S. relations with these states (especially Iran).

I also recommended the students read The Duck of Minerva (some former debaters blog there, including me), Abu Aardvark, and Arms Control Wonk (more former debaters) for up-to-date analysis of current policy, as well as great links.

Given what I heard and what we discussed, I would suggest starting with these specific links (should any of you stop by):
Syrian "Copy" of Yongbyon?

Why Engage? China and the Logic of Communicative Engagement, a journal article by Marc Lynch in EJIR.

The Osiraq Myth

Spin: state of the art, 2007

Iraq WMD to Syria?

Rogue state roundup

War With Iran?
Look around, there's a lot more.

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