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Friday, January 16, 2009


January 15, I posted, "The 'war on terror' is over" at Duck of Minerva. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband recently made the case in a speech in Mumbai -- I discuss his arguments.

On January 10, I blogged about "NGOs as 'New Colonialists,'" a charge levied by several writers in a Foreign Policy piece.

Regular readers have probably noticed that this site rarely now has foreign policy or international relations content. That's intentional. Though I started blogging here in 2003,primarily about the US in Iraq, the Duck of Minerva group IR blog seems like a more logical place for those posts. Frankly, that site gets 8 or 10 times as many readers on a daily basis and that kind of content is precisely what they are seeking.

As a result, my less frequent domestic politics material remains on this blog, along with more personal material (including baseball). I do try to signal new Duck posts here and will keep doing that. The links may appear days after the original.

Thanks for reading.

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