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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Republic of Texas

Chuck Norris is apparently thinking about running for the presidency -- of Texas.

In anticipation, I'm registering any day now and plan to use the first post to explain how Republicans cannot hope to get to 253 EVs in the age of Obama.

In 2004, Bush-Kerry would have tied 252-252 without Texas. Though Bush might have won Maine as a native son in that election, it is more likely that neither candidate would even have been on that ballot. After all, Gore2000 would have prevailed 267-239 (Texas gained two EVs in 2004).

The 2010 census may shift a few EVs to red states, but we all know that Obama won a lot of purple states that Bush carried in 2004: CO, FL, IA, IN, NC, OH, NM, NV, and VA. They'll have to find 80 EVs to win in 2012.

The second post on my new site will explore the implications for the Senate, where the Republican caucus will lose 2 reliable votes.

If he pulls this off, Chuck Norris is a genuine American hero.

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