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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday: College Hoops Checkup

Louisville-Notre Dame, March 9, 2013; Photo credit: Jason Gainous

I managed to attend five University of Louisville basketball games this season -- home games versus Syracuse (a tough loss), Marquette, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Notre Dame. In the two games last week, the home Cardinals essentially destroyed their opponents with smothering defense and timely shooting. In Saturday's game, the Cards atypically didn't even attempt a three-point field goal in the first 7 or 8 minutes of the game. Instead, they took the ball inside and made easy baskets.

It is very difficult to return to the Final Four, but this year's Louisville team seems to have the ability (thanks largely to that terrific defense).

Meanwhile, Kansas got walloped in a road game at Baylor. I didn't see the game, but based on my halftime check-in, it appears the defense completely broke down in the second half. Oh, and KU seemed to have rare foul trouble. Kansas too could return to the Final Four, but that's hard to write on the heels of their worst loss since 2006.

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