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Monday, January 05, 2004

Best Albums of 2003?

I listened to my friend Michael Young's radio program last night ("Roots and Boots") and he went through his top albums of 2003. Most are "Americana," as they apparently say in the industry. I researched his top 10 on, but am not 100% sure I've picked the correct album for each artist. These CDs were released in 2003 by the artists Mike played:

10. Calexico, Feast of Wire (Quarter Stick)

9. Los Lonely Boys, "Los Lonely Boys" (Or Music)

8. Jeff Black, "B Sides and Confessions" (Dualtone)

7. Scott Miller and the Commonwealth, "Upside Downside" (Sugarhill)

6. My Morning Jacket, "It Still Moves" (RCA)

5. Jayhawks, "Rainy Day Music" (Universal)

4. White Stripes, "Elephant" (BMG)

3. Lucinda Williams, "World Without Tears" (Universal)

2. Danny Barnes, "Dirt on the Angel" (Terminus Records)

1. Thad Cockrell, "Warmth and Beauty" (Yep Roc Records)

Previously, I noted that I didn't own many top albums according to the top 50 list published by Rolling Stone. However, I recently received both the Jayhawks and My Morning Jacket CDs. The former is terrific, and I also like the latter quite a bit.

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